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it is the year 2082: florence and the machine have released their 3rd album. it arrives in the post, you rip off the packaging, and wipe the dust  from the cover, this is the moment you’ve being waiting for. there is no record. it is a photo album of florence and isabella’s selfies.

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Process of Creation by eddiecalz


This is why Pink has been my hero since I was 12.

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Where is the otter that looked so disgusted with its watermelon?

here he is


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Snow Leopards And Their Giant Nommable Tails

"BEHOLD, DOGS! We have achieved that which you cannot!"

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Laura Marling



this is one of my best friends from dance, Kierra. she is the most mature sixth graders I know. the only thing I don’t like about her is that she is convinced that she’s fat. I have tried so hard to convince her otherwise but nothing works. if you guys could reblog this if you think that she is perfect the way she is so I can show her how many people believe that she is not fat, that would be amazing

c’mon guys, I know how powerful you are on this website. it just takes one click. this girl isn’t even 13 yet

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